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Bellinor Apparel is an emerging company that sells men and young men clothing. We recently launched our 2019 Spring & Summer Collection and will expand our product portfolio to eventually become a well-known clothing brand for fashion-conscious men. Bellinor Apparel will make it possible for men to work or play without having to change their clothing, no matter where their destination may be. 

Bellinor Apparel developed its brand with a clear goal in mind. It will create a uniform user experience and deploy a great variety of products. The products will be messengers of the brand and proudly show off unique designs made with quality materials. The accessories and clothing are cool and elegant, making a statement to be summarized as follows: I live and think independently and I am a passionate, self-conscious man. 

Bellinor Apparel’s home office is located in New York City, close to the fashion district. While the initial goal is to sell to retail stores, our expansion plans include potentially opening our very own retail store. 

The company’s product portfolio is aimed at providing unique and comfortable men clothing to buy and wear. Our products are crafted in styles that appeal to fashion-enthusiastic men and combine functionality and comfortability with clean, unique designs. We mainly use 100% high-quality cotton materials that are comfortable and can last for decades. A certain proportion of the products or certain parts of some products may also be made of polyester. 

Since designing apparel is the mid-term goal of the young enterprise, it makes sense to elaborate on the planned product portfolio already at this point. Bellinor Apparel will give special attention to the styles, colors, and fits to flatter all shaped men and young men. Bellinor Apparel creates clothing that men and young men can wear on any occasion, we focus on designs that can unify function and fashion. 

The goal is to create pieces that are exactly what a city or urban, individualistic man is looking for, something that he would wear even if he is not going out. Therefore the clothing has to be serving two needs at the same time, just like for example Nautica that caters to the needs of marine sports enthusiasts but has developed such a cult that its clothing is worn in daily life. 

The fashion and retail industry tends to be overly youth and small size focused. However, by closely following high fashion trends as well as customers’ purchasing preferences, Bellinor Apparel will tailor styles to meet the specific needs of the clientele. The key feature that separates Bellinor Apparel from all other competitors is its commitment to providing men stylish, quality accessories and clothing options. Because the primary concern is ensuring that consumers are happy with the fit and style of their purchase, Bellinor Apparel will have a strong impact on the male and young male fashion community and earn strong word-of-mouth endorsements from happy clients

Customers will benefit from the experience and knowledge of the company about designs and fashion. The goal is to implement a superior customer service system. The well-trained personnel will provide an edge in the competition and the brand will quickly become acknowledged broadly. Protecting the brand and its good reputation will become a key part of the strategy to ensure that the unique selling propositions that come along with a recognized brand name are maintained as long as possible.


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